Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Kiss And Make Up Day -- End A Spat
Hey !! It doesn't need to be the Valentines Day. Every single moment is special in love. If he or she is angry with you for some reason, just reach out to him or her with soul full of love and make up the situation. You can buy a cute gift for your love if you want, but a red rose is more than enough to melt the ice.

But still if you are looking for a special day, then Kiss and Make Up Day is close at the hand(August 25th) and may be the perfect day to melt the ice. Its probably the right time to end a fight -- may it be a short spat, or a long standing feud. And no gift may be more sweeter than a tender kiss and you will find how sweet can the making up be.

Sending cute ecards is probably the best way to end a spat if you are staying away. Here awaits a lovely message that you can send to make up a spat on this lovely day if you are away from your loved one.

Happy Kiss And Make Up Day

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