Sunday, February 11, 2007
10 Romantic Movies to Enjoy with your Valentine On Valentine's Day
This Valentine's Day, they will swamp the restaurants, multiplexes and lounge bars.
They will make a beeline for your favourite weekend getaway and steal your usual spot on the promenade.
Before you know it, every nook and cranny in the city and outside will be crammed with couples. Besides, you will spend more time battling traffic than with your valentine.
You may have to wait forever to land that love couch at the theatre. And you will have to shout out sweet nothings over a cacophony of love declarations, at your favourite restaurant. Quality time with your sweetheart? Forget it!

Before you know, February 14 will has whizzed by and you won't have one romantic memory to your credit!
So this Valentine's, why not steal away from the hoi polloi and spend a quiet evening at home -- just your sweetheart, you and a movie or two?!

Here is a lineup of the top romantic films of all times.

Rent one of these from your neighbourhood video library, order a takeaway, and spend what could turn out to be the most romantic Valentine's of your life. At home!


Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet
Director: James Cameron
She is an aristocrat, he a penniless artist.
She is travelling first class, he in steerage.
They meet aboard the Titanic on a Trans-Atlantic journey from Britain to America.
Two worlds collide and they fall passionately in love.
Watch out for a touching love story, superb performances by the lead pair Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio and Celine Dion's romantic anthem, My heart will go on.

Moulin Rouge

Cast: Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor
Director: Baz Luhrmann

This musical love story is set in Paris in the 1900s, when Christian (Ewan McGregor), a writer and Satine (Nicole Kidman) a courtesan and nightclub star, meet at the Moulin Rouge.
She mistakes him for a ‘client’ and falls in love.
Alas, their love is doomed, for Satine is contractually bound to a Duke and financer of the club and must choose between true love and the fortune of the club.
Watch out for beautiful rendition of Something stupid in a duet by Ewan and Satine, romantic song and dance medleys and lots of melodrama.

When Harry Met Sally

Cast: Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan
Director: Rob Reiner

The conservative, fastidious Sally (Meg Ryan) is the perfect antidote for the frivolous, motor-mouthed Harry (Billy Crystal).
They first meet just after graduation, spend 18 hours together and vow never to see each other again.
But fate has other plans.
They meander in and out of each other’s lives for many years, become ‘platonic’ friends. And, finally, run the risk of ruining a good friendship by admitting that they are actually in love.
Watch out for the prized ‘fake orgasm’ scene,Billy Crystal’s comic timing and a superb script!

Roman Holiday

Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck
Director: William Wyler

This one is a classic, starring Audrey Hepburn as a European princess and Gregory Peck as a newspaper reporter.
The princess visits Rome for a holiday, and hopes to escape from her daily regime of official duties.
The reporter needs some pictures of the princess for his newspaper.
To his delight, she plays right into his hands.
What they both haven’t bargained for is falling in love.
Discover the outcome of this romance. Watch out for an Oscar-winning performance by Hepburn and a brilliant show by Gregory Peck!

Pretty Woman

Cast: Richard Gere, Julia Roberts Director: Garry Marshall
A hooker (Julia Roberts) meets a corporate hotshot (Richard Gere).
He asks her to be his escort for a few days.
The plot thickens when he discovers there's more to her than her profession.
A modern-day Cinderella story, Pretty Woman depicts how love can be found in the least expected quarters.
Watch out for the infamous love song, Pretty woman, by Roy Orbison, and some good, light-hearted comedy.

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