Sunday, February 11, 2007
Single this Valentines Day ? Check out these Valentine's day ideas for singles

It's that time of the year again when couples rejoice and the single would melt into oblivion.
Well, here's what. That attitude is history.
This Valentine's Day, don't get overwhelmed by all the romance blossoming around you. Don't let a mere single status stop you from having fun.
While all your attached buddies are pondering over what to gift their girlfriends or boyfriends, be a trailblazer! Round up all your single friends for a rocking night together.
There are lots of fun things singles can do this Valentine's Day.
But whatever you do, don't pick up the phone and call your ex in a fit of desperation, just because you don't have a date!

Ask your current crush out

If you like someone and know s/he is single, muster up courage.
Ask him/ her out. So what if they say no? The truth is finally out there, and you won't lose more than you already have.
And if they do say no, we have some other contingency plans you could make, just in case!

Paint the town red with the singles!

Round up your single friends, make a huge gang.
Head head off to some place where you can make lots of noise.
You could do dinner at your favourite restaurant.
However, the ambience has to be just right.
Make sure the venue isn't the cosy-dinner-for-two-lovebirds kind.
You need a place where you can get as loud and garrulous as you can.
Other options are pub-hopping or a house party with rocking music and dancing.

Have a singles night out

Who says you need the opposite sex to have fun?
Instead, plan a sleepover at a close buddy's house, and invite only your best friends.
Organise drinks and feast on your favourite food.
Play games like Truth or Dare, and get your friends to 'fess up to all their recent dalliances you haven't had time to catch up on!

Hang out with a good friend

On Valentine's Day, you could also celebrate friendship.
Plan an evening with your buddy.
You could have dinner, attend a lonely hearts party where you just might find someone interesting! Go watch a movie or go out and have a drink

Pamper yourself at home

If you have had a taxing day at work or college, and can't be bothered to get out, treat yourself at home.
Order your favourite takeaway, pour yourself a drink of wine or any other beverage you fancy.
Catch the Valentine's Day specials on television, cuddle up with a book, or rent a movie you have been dying to watch for a long time now!

Wonder What's all the fuss about Valentines Day?

If you belong to the tribe that couldn't care less whether you have a Valentine or not, and have enough trouble getting through your hectic schedule on a regular day, treat Valentine's just like any other day.

Go to college, go home, work out at the gym and then hit the sack. Or go to work, work out at the gym, go out for a drink or dinner, then hit the sack.

Before you know it, you will wake up to a new day and wonder what the fuss was all about!

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