Thursday, February 8, 2007
Sexy Valentines Day Ideas
here are some Great Sexy Valentines day ideas to enjoy this great day with your sweetheart

Play "back Pictionary." Use your fingers to draw a picture on each other's back and try to guess what it is in two minutes.

Give each other a manicure and paint each other's nails red.

Memorize each other's faces by gently caressing it.

Sit back-to-back and deeply inhale and exhale. Feel each other's heartbeats through your backbones.

Give each other butterfly kisses.

Hold each other's face as you kiss.

Put your hand over each other's heart and feel them pulsate.

Try to beat the kissing record. The longest recorded kiss was 417 minutes.

Feed each other sweet treats such as chocolate-covered strawberries.

Charge your body with static electricity. Rub your feet on the carpet and kiss.
Brush each other's hair.

Sing "your" song. Whisper it in each other's ear while you slow dance.

Massage each other's shoulders, head and face.

Give each other foot massages.

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Especially For You...
Wish your close ones with some pretty looking flowers on Valentine's Day.

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Lies My World...
On Valentine's Day send this instrumental love musical ecard to your sweetheart

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