Wednesday, February 7, 2007
Top 10 Valentine's Day Gift For Him
It's not always easy to buy a Valentine's Day gift for a man. Most don't get excited by unwrapping a beautiful package that holds clothing or accessories inside. But they certainly appreciate Valentine's Day gifts that do stuff. Choose any of these Valentine's Day Gifts to help him realize how well you know him -- and how much you care. Here are a few Valentines day Gift For Him to hold your Techie man captivated .

  • Apple iPod Video 5th Generation 80GB
    If he's a guy who needs the latest and the greatest gift his Valentine's Day, that's the top-of-the-line iPod in a sleek black case with an 80 GB hard drive and the capacity to store huge quantities of video, photos, podcasts, and music. With an optional S-video cable, he'll be able to connect iPod Video to a projector or TV so you can both enjoy images in a large format. Fully charged, this model boasts up to 20 hours of battery life. Too pricey? Consider a new iPod nano for your men.
  • Universal Remote:If he's got a TV, a stereo, a VCR, a DVD, and/or cable, he may also have enough remote controls to confuse a NASA engineer. Not to mention that the one he wants is often the one that's missing. Help him coordinate his entertainment by converting to a universal remote, which can operate all his IR-electronics from one keypad.

  • Power Tools:Most men are hard-wired to fix things, especially when they have the right tools at hand. Surprise yours with a circular saw, cordless drill, or other implement that will inspire him to build those shelves or make the repairs your place needs. Don't forget to reward him affectionately when the job is done after Valentine's Day.
  • Apple iTunes Gift Certificate:Give the gift of music this Valentine's Day to go with his existing or new iPod. iTunes gift certificates are available from $10-$200, enabling your better half to download his favorite new songs this Valentine's Day.Vendor's Site5) A Watch of QualityMost men aren't comfortable wearing a lot of jewelry, but few can resist a fine watch. This stylish Kenneth Cole Reaction watch has a square face and subdials for day, date, and 24-hour times. It's a gift he'll treasure.Buy Direct
  • A New Wallet:How long has he been carrying that same wallet? If the answer is, "too long," consider replacing it with a smart-looking new one. And don't forget to slip a picture of you inside.Buy Direct
  • Sharp Aquos 32" LCD TV:If you're feeling flush, there's nothing that will light up a man's eyes like a new flatscreen LCD TV monitor. As a gift, the 32" Sharp Aquos provides exceptional viewing — aside from when he's admiring you, of course.
  • Delphi MyFi Personal XM Satellite Radio:It's satellite radio to go: MyFi works as both a portable player and a plug-and-play receiver for the car that pulls in XM stations. With it you can also record up to five hours of programming. Package includes a MyFi receiver, kits that let you play the receiver through home and car stereos, earphones, a belt clip, a rechargeable battery, and a remote control. (Note: This does not pick up Howard Stern's show, which is on rival Sirius Satellite Radio.)

Valentines Day Wishes and Cards for Him

In Your Arms...
Tell your beloved Valentine which is your favorite place with this beautiful Valentine for Him Ecard

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U Are On My Mind...
With a valentine rose let your love know how much he is thought about on Valentine's Day.

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