Sunday, February 4, 2007
Valentine’s Day Songs
Valentine's Day songs are just the melodious treats you need to set the ball rolling for your love life. So sing some Valentine's Day songs rich in thoughtful lyrics to the person you love and get your hearts on the right note. No problem if you are a little tone-deaf, you can always arrange for someone else to sing your love songs, or take your beloved to a musical ride. Get all the favorite songs of your beloved and play it on for him/ her to swing in your arms. And if you are blessed with a sweet voice, then do sing to your Valentine some of the most romantic love lyrics or Valentine's Day songs that time has produced. But if you can’t remember the lyrics of your favorite Valentine's Day song, why worry? Listed below are the lyrics of some of the popular Valentine's Day songs. Check them out.

Valentine Song ~ by Robert Argyle Campbell
Dearest, let these rosesIn their purity,
Be a present symbolOf my love for thee.
Underneath the blossom
Thorns are sure to grow;
Take heed lest you touch them,
They would pain you so!......

Song: Persuasions to Enjoy ~ by Thomas Carew
IF the quick spirits in your eyeNow languish,
and anon must die;If every sweet, and every grace
Must fly from that forsaken face;
Then, Celia, let us reap our joys,
Ere Time such goodly fruit destroys……

Lovers and a Reflection ~ by Charles S. Calverley
In moss-prankt dells which the sunbeams flatter
(And heaven it knoweth what that may mean;
Meaning, however, is no great matter)Where woods are a-tremble with words a-tween.

Thro' God's own heather we wonned together,
I and my Willie (O love my love):I need hardly remark it was glorious weather,
And flitter-bats wavered alow, above;

Boats were curtseying, rising, bowing,
(Boats in that climate are so polite,)
And sands were a ribbon of green endowing,
And O the sun-dazzle on bark and bight !.........


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