Thursday, February 1, 2007
What Kind Of Valentine Are You?
Love has a special charm and strength. No wonder people are so excited about Valentines Day celebration. Valentines Day wishes and celebrations are gaining importance. It has the power to engulf just about anyone. We meet so many people in our life and all of them are different from each other. We are the most complex beings on earth! And for this inquisitive cat it is pretty exciting to venture into human “love” nature! So have you ever wondered what kind of valentine are you? Check this out and get back to me for more exciting know-how later!

Romantic : This lover thinks constantly about the loved one, is jealous, unrealistic, will tolerate anything, is sexually attracted by physical appearance, and needs repeated reassurance that he or she is loved in return.

Companionate : This lover enjoys the companionship and intimacy of a close friendship. It is a comfortable, slowly developing, trusting, committed relationship, not one of intense excitement, desperation, or sexual obsessions.

Unselfish : The lover is devoted and self-sacrificing to the loved one, gives without expecting anything in return, is gentle, caring, and dutiful.

Logical : The lover carefully selects the "right person" logically, looking for someone with compatible interests, similar education and religion, a harmonious personality, common values, and long-term goals.

Game-playing : This person may be charming but is hardly a lover – he or she merely enjoys the dating game. They relish the meeting, the impressing, the seducing, the challenge of a conquest but usually makes it clear there is little or no long-term commitment to the other person.


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