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Money Gifts To Gift Your Valentine This Valentine's day
Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year. No disputes there.

Amazingly, it is also a day when most people receive absurd gifts, even from spouses who are supposed to know better. Whether received or given, bad gifts are the best way to ruin that big day. In extreme cases, they are even capable of blowing off a relationship.

A recent survey by an online jeweller unearthed these facts:

About 19 percent of respondents ranked receiving a bad gift as their worst
experience. Of course, other than being alone. About 10 percent said 'presenting' a bad gift was the reason for their worst Valentine's Day.
How can you skirt around the pitfall of bad gifts?
Stop thinking in terms of cards with great phrases, roses, clothing and jewellery. Why not think in terms of a gift that will be increasingly cherished by your partner in 2006, 2007, 2010 -- and beyond?
Here are a few ideas that would prove to your spouse how much you care for him or her.

A stock to fall in love with

Love, love, love. All you need is love...
True. If the love is accompanied by a substantial bank balance so you and your honey can live like a Queen for the rest of your days. But here is a workable idea to make it happen. Can you pick a great equity share of a company that is likely to grow at least ten times over the next ten years? (Finance experts would call it a 'value stock'). This is easier said than done .But don't pass this without a thought. Call your chartered accountant friend. Spend a couple of hours scanning a few business magazines and newspapers to identify that one 'value' stock at a good price which is likely to multiply several times over the next decade.
Of course, to show your undying love, you don't have to restrict yourself to one stock buy. You can go for a few. Check with a stockbroker how you can buy this and gift it to your spouse. Some paperwork will be involved. But between the stockbroker and yourFinance Guy , they will sort it out.
It may be a terrific gift. But the bad news is, you cannot really wrap it and give it
Shares of good companies are available only in electronic form.

Your choice: Open the account on Valentine's Day and gift the share a few days later.
Or open the account tomorrow and hope it will be activated by Valentine's Day so that you can gift the share.

Once you have decided how many shares you want to gift, pen a note on a carefully selected large card about where you expect the price of the share to be a few years down the line and what your spouse can do with the windfall.
Don't forget to mention how much s/he means to you!

Add-on credit card

How about an add-on credit card? It shows immense trust (you have to trust your spouse's spending ways and ability not to go overboard).
If you have a credit card already, call the help line number and ask for an add-on credit card.
If you have been paying your bills on time, your bank's representative will knock your door in a few hours' time. Get your beloved to use the card for the first time to pay for the dinner on the big day. Don't worry about etiquette here.
You would have to settle the bill eventually, since add-on card bills will be clubbed with yours. This means the add-on card holder can spend and will never have to pay!

That is why the key word here is 'trust'.

Add your honey's name to a key asset

Ah! This will prove love beyond doubt. It could be your house, a bank account, a huge fixed deposit, anything that you are sole owner of.
But, first, check out if another name can be added.
If you have mortgaged your house to a bank for a home loan, it may not be possible.
For bank deposits, it is pretty easy. Visit the bank with your spouse with proofs of residence and identity, a couple of photographs and the job will be done.
How unromantic, did you say? Well, no one said you have to ditch the romantic walk/ dinner or the red rose!
Just accompany it with something more practical.
Any of these gifts will go a long way to prove how much you cherish the relationship.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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